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We Take Care Of Your House, So You Can Take Care Of Your Home

As a home owner, you are smart to have a home warranty in place for those unexpected repair bills.

Our home warranty will be the perfect choice for you because we are unlike any other warranty on the market today.

  1. No deductible
  2. Every part within the sheet metal skin of the appliance is protected
  3. You may utilize a service provider of your own choosing
  4. Friendly Customer Service at your fingertips 24x7
  5. No exclusions for unknown pre-existing conditions, rust, or age of the appliance

At CPTM, we go out of our way to be completely transparent in what is included under the warranty, and what is not. That is why our Terms and Conditions is a short and simple document. We encourage you to read through it and compare it to the Terms of other companies you may be considering. It is important to know exactly what you are entitled to under your new home warranty plan.

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