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Why Do I Need Home Warranty Insurance?

home warranty insurance

As you start planning on buying a new home, there are many questions that will come up in the process. One of those questions may be whether or not you need home warranty insurance. But what exactly is that and why would you need it? Complete Protection is here to help you answer those questions…

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When Does Renting Appliances Make Sense?

renting appliances

Purchasing appliances is a big investment, and sometimes it is one that not everyone is ready to make. But how do you know when it’s better to buy that appliance and when renting appliances makes more sense? Are you renting your place for a couple years? If your apartment has a washer/dryer hookup, do you…

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Home Upgrades that Add Value

home upgrades that add value

When thinking of doing some updates to your home, you want them to be inexpensive in cost but boost the total value of the house. Whether you are updating the house to sell or just to give your lived-in home a new look, it’s always best to think about what will give you the most…

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Summer Home Upgrades

summer home upgrades

The sun is shining and everyone is enjoying more time outside. This is the time of year where you really notice those home upgrades that could be done on the outside of your home. Then you might also notice some upgrades to do inside as you walk back in from the afternoon heat. What are…

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How to get Your Pool Ready for Summer

pool ready

It’s getting hot outside, and that pool is looking more and more inviting. Is your pool ready for you to jump into this summer? There are a few things you can do to get it ready to enjoy on those long hot summer days. Lets go over those steps now, so you and your family…

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Rent or Buy a Home: The Pros and Cons

rent or buy

To Rent or To Buy? That is the question. When you start out and live on your own for the first time, it seems easiest to rent a place, whether it’s a house or apartment. Here we will go over both options to see whether it’s better to rent or buy your home depending on your…

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How to Maximize Dishwasher Efficiency and Cleaning Power

dishwasher efficiency

Starting a load of dishes super easy: pile in the dishes, add some soap, and turn it on. However, sometimes you might find yourself with dishes that still have grime on them after a wash cycle. Or maybe you just want to save money on water bills. Either way, here are some tips for how to…

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Guide for Spring Cleaning in a Month

spring cleaning

Why do people tend to have a big home cleaning session in the springtime? It’s all about weather and storage rotation. In most parts of the world, changing from winter to spring means you need different clothes and equipment on hand and in storage. Some hobby equipment and many lawn tools only become necessary during certain parts of…

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What to Look For When Buying a New Garbage Disposal

new garbage disposal

A good garbage disposal makes cleaning dishes much more pleasant. As with other kitchen appliances, there are many options available. The cheapest is not necessarily the best one. Whether you are building a new home, replacing a broken appliance, or just want an upgrade, here are some factors to think about when buying a new…

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How Appliances Affect Your Energy Bill

energy bill

Has your energy bill increased lately? Where does all of the energy go? With the increase in high-tech devices in recent years, a lot of energy is going to your appliances. That sophisticated coffee maker you bought that makes the perfect cup of coffee at exactly 6:15 AM. The 3 laptops and 5 smartphones you…

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