home appliance repair

The Information Age has brought countless marvels and conveniences to our homes. One major convenience is the ability to look up how to fix things around the house. A quick Google search can help you with many problems. YouTube is filled with useful videos that give step-by-step instructions for all sorts of tasks. Some of them are even made by professionals in that field. With a few keystrokes, you can figure out which types of cleaners work best on different surfaces, how to perform your own preventative maintenance, and even how to do your own home appliance repair.

Home Appliance Repair

Every homeowner dreads the moment when an appliance breaks. It's a hassle when an important appliance won’t work. Also, scheduling repairs around a busy workweek can be nearly impossible. Getting a professional to look at a broken appliance takes time and lots of money. Just getting a repairman to your house to look at the problem can sometimes cost over a hundred dollars. After that, further fees are added for parts and labor.

Some maintenance and repairs require a highly skilled, experienced professional. However, many jobs that used to seem impossible for the average homeowner to do are now easily accomplished using the Internet. You can often find detailed descriptions and/or videos detailing how to fix very specific problems. Tutorials even exist for fixing certain brands and models of appliance. When you attempt a Google search, try detailing the brand, type of appliance, and problem that you’re experiencing. You might be surprised by how easy of a fix you can find. You might possibly even bypass the need to buy new parts or a new appliance altogether.

When You Should Call the Professionals

So what does this mean for the professionals? Appliance repair is still a functioning business, calculated at a $4 billion industry in 2015. Many people still want professional help when doing appliance repair. There are many good reasons to call in help. You can nullify warranties by attempting repairs yourself. You can easily get in over your head, make a problem worse, or even hurt yourself if you make a mistake. Repairs also take longer to do when the person isn't trained to make them. There’s also the fact that each year people invent more and more complex, convenient gadgets to fill our homes.

Although trying to repair something yourself is a great idea and a money-saver for some repairs, there are certain circumstances that you should definitely leave to a professional. Some examples include working with complex electrical work, complex plumbing, hazardous materials, gas lines, and repairs that affect the structural integrity of the house. You can find more information about home projects to avoid doing yourself at Complete Protection’s blog here.

There’s no denying that many repairs that used to be made solely by professional repairmen are now done by homeowners to save them a lot of money. Google and YouTube are making a growing dent in the revenue of the repair business. It will be interesting to see how upcoming technology, such as 3D printers, will continue to affect the repair industry in the future. Although there may be fewer repairmen going door to door for home appliance repair, there’s still a place for these professionals in the workforce.