When thinking of doing some updates to your home, you want them to be inexpensive in cost but boost the total value of the house. Whether you are updating the house to sell or just to give your lived-in home a new look, it’s always best to think about what will give you the most bang for your buck. Here are a few of the best home upgrades that add value:

Create Open Space

In the housing market right now, many buyers want a wide open floor plan. People are into big open spaces. At the cost of a few hundred dollars, you can knock out that wall between the kitchen and your dining room and make it into one big open space. When doing this kind of update, make sure that the wall is non-structural. You can look throughout your home and see where an open space can be created to increase the sense of flow. By doing this, you will generate a response from buyers who have the option to be particular about the floor plan of the house.

If taking out an entire wall is not an option, you can always add a kitchen island. This adds storage space to a kitchen as well as some extra counter space. It may even be a good idea to make it a moveable island, so that the next homeowners can place it and use it as they see fit.


If a house has overgrown shrubs and trees, it creates a problem when it comes to selling (and might annoy the neighbors). If buyers cannot see the house, they will not want to buy it. Just a small investment of $400 to $500 dollars in landscaping can bring you a return of up to 4 times that price when selling.

Just pruning existing trees and shrubs and adding some simple landscaping around your trees and porch can make a home look brand new. This is a seemingly small cost when you look at what you can get in return.

Let In Natural Light

Another great home upgrade that adds value is lighting. This can be anything from a dimmer switch to a sun tube. Dimmer switches allow you to create a mood, while sun tubes filter in some natural light without the eyesore of a huge sky light.

Sun tubes are a popular and less expensive way that homeowners are getting more natural light into their homes. The fixture uses a reflective material to funnel in natural light from a globe-shaped hole cut into the rooftop. This tube is then brought down through the ceiling fixture and into a room. It looks like a light fixture, but is actually just natural light, becoming both appealing in look and type of light while also cutting down energy costs.

Another way to upgrade your light is to use high wattage bulbs in the light fixtures. These high wattage fixtures make small spaces feel larger, and soft lighting brings warmth to empty spaces. You can also consider installing lights that use motion detectors to turn themselves on when someone enters a room.

Keep Up With Home Maintenance

It’s important to think about basic upkeep before you consider doing the big upgrades to kitchens or bathrooms. For instance, fix that leaking pipe, make sure the attic is insulated, or install some storm doors.

Fixing these types of things may seem trivial as you upgrade to sell your home, but keeping the whole house current and working well can go very far toward the overall value of your home. For a couple hundred dollars, you can increase the value of your home by a few thousand.

Investing in simple home maintenance is not only smart, it is also sometimes crucial to the sale of your home. Homes that get the most attention from buyers are the homes that are in tip top shape. With so many homes on the market these days, the houses that sell are in pristine shape and ready to move into.

Go Green

Energy efficient home upgrades may seem expensive, but if all other home repairs are good and maintenance is up to date, you should think about installing a new heating and cooling system. Having a solar powered water heater can save you up to 80% in water heating costs over time, and you may be entitled to tax credits when you install one. This is a smart investment whether you are staying in the house long-term or selling. These days, buyers are more aware than ever of utility costs and helping the environment.

The Front Door

A very inexpensive upgrade is simply making sure that your doorway is in top shape. A working doorbell is important, and adding a simple awning over your front porch looks great and keeps the heat off of the area. This also allows you to be out of the rain as you unlock your door, and your guests will not have to wait out in the weather as you answer it.

Do not rule out simply adding a fun pop of color to your home by painting the front door. Adding this bright welcome to the front of the home makes it more inviting and cheerful.

The Floors

Based on other home upgrades you plan to do, a new floor may be in order. Look at each room and see where you may need it the most. Floor upgrades can be as simply as fixing a few squeaky boards by placing a few nails in the right places or inexpensively replacing your kitchen floor with tile. This is an investment of $66 to $900 that can give you a return of up to $2000.


Everything from faucets to light fixtures are great, simple home upgrades that add value. Changing out the faucet in your bathroom can update that room in an instant, while changing out the light fixtures in the hallway can bring your older home into the 21st century. At the cost of a few hundred dollars, updating these small fixtures can add another few thousand in return for you when you sell. As mentioned before, proper lighting is crucial for making your home feel welcoming and cozy.

Whether you plan to sell or just want an update to the house you plan to live in for years to come, these are some home upgrades that add value and life to your home. Roll up your sleeves and jump into those repairs. You will be amazed at what you see when they are all complete!

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