Your washer and dryer are a crucial part of your weekly cleaning routine, and it’s a horrible feeling when one of them stops working. Not only is it a hassle to no longer have the ability to quickly and easily wash and dry your clothes, but getting the unit fixed or replaced is so pricey! Keep your washer and dryer running smoothly by doing some simple regular maintenance that can extend the lifespan of your machines significantly.

Each Load

Remove damp clothes immediately. The longer you leave your clothes in the washer while damp, the more chance there is for mold or mildew to start to grow.

Leave the washer door open to air it out. This can further prevent mold and mildew growth, since it takes much longer for the machine to dry out if you leave the door closed.

Remove excess dryer lint after every load. Allowing lint to build up on the filter will reduce the efficiency of your machine and can eventually cause fires.

Don’t overload the machines. Your washer and dryer have a limit to how much clothing they can hold for an optimal load. Overloading them will cause strain to the components, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s specifications to lengthen their lifespan.

Use the proper type and amount of detergent. Pre-measured pods can be harmful to certain washers, so check the manual to see what types of detergent are recommended. If you have a high efficiency machine, make sure you have high efficiency detergent.

Each Month

Keep the dryer exhaust vent clear. Check the exhaust duct for obstructions and unnecessary bends. Don’t forget to check the outside vent as well.

Check the washing machine hoses for leaks, bends, bulges, pinched areas, and loose fittings. If the hose springs a leak, you may find yourself with costly and annoying water damage, since washing machines can spew gallons of water very quickly.

Keep the machines level. Your washer and dryer work best on a level surface, so keep an eye out for leaning or wobbling. Components will wear out faster if the machine is shaky. Also, shaking washers and dryers cause a lot of noise!

Clean the rubber gaskets and drum of both the washer and dryer. Consult the manual for your machines or simply use a solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar.

If you have a front-loading washer, clean the drain pump filter. Your owner’s manual should have instructions on where this is located on your machine.

Each Year

Clean out your dryer’s lint filter more carefully with detergent. Residue can build up that restricts airflow and reduces efficiency.

Remove and clean out the entire dryer exhaust duct line. This is the best way to prevent fires.

General Tips

Replace any vinyl dryer exhaust ducts with metallic ones to further help prevent fires.

Replace rubber washer hoses with metallic ones to reduce the chance of leaks.

Prevent rusting by touching up the paint on any scratches.

Know when to repair and when to replace. If you need to get your washer or dryer repaired, weigh your options. It doesn’t take long to shop around and see if buying a new machine would be the better option. Depending on the price of repairs and how old your broken machine is, you could end up with one that is more cost-efficient by getting a more modern model.

If you have any further questions about washer and dryer maintenance and repair, feel free to ask us at Complete Protection!