Why do people tend to have a big home cleaning session in the springtime? It’s all about weather and storage rotation. In most parts of the world, changing from winter to spring means you need different clothes and equipment on hand and in storage. Some hobby equipment and many lawn tools only become necessary during certain parts of the year. You can remove clutter and free up a lot of space by putting winter gear away for the season.

It’s helpful to set a schedule to organize your efforts to get a job done. This is especially true for a large project such as spring cleaning for an entire house. There are two ways to tackle spring cleaning: all at once or over time. If you have a whole weekend to spare and maybe some family members who are willing to help, the all-at-once method is a great way to go. Many people find this to be too much for a single weekend, however, so below is a guide to help you focus on certain tasks each week. That way, you can get the larger job done in small bursts by focusing on small parts at a time.

Week 1: Initial Purge

During the first week, you should focus on getting rid of things. Concentrate on one room at a time, and sort your belongings into groups to be kept, thrown away, recycled, and donated. This step goes much easier if you focus on one or two rooms per day. After a room is completed, take out the trash and put the goods to be donated into your car or near the door. Next time you go out for errands, remove all of these boxes and bags of stuff to get them out of your house for good.

Week 2: Closets and Drawers

The second week is a great time to do more in-depth cleaning of closets, drawers, and other storage spaces. Empty each closet and dresser completely and sort your clothes into seasonal groups. Make sure your spring and summer clothes are more accessible, and move winter gear into storage. Depending on your situation, this might simply mean pushing the winter gear into a harder-to-reach place in the closet. For others, it might mean packing it away for storage in your basement, attic, or storage unit.

Also use this time to organize your garage, attic, basement, and other storage areas. Again, it’s helpful to focus on one major area per day. While the storage spaces are empty (or at least less full), make sure you wipe them down.

Week 3: De-Cluttering

After removing a lot of belongings as trash, recycling, and donations and cleaning out your storage spaces, your home should be much easier to de-clutter during the third week. Spend some time with home office clutter. Go through mail, bills, tax information, important receipts, and any other miscellaneous paperwork. If you have kids who leave a lot of art and schoolwork lying around, have them help you determine what is important and what is no longer necessary.

Use your storage spaces wisely. Bookshelves aren’t just great for storing books. You can keep lots of items off of tables and counters by storing them on a bookshelf. That way, they’re still readily accessible but not in the way of daily routines.

Week 4: Deep Clean

Now that you’ve de-cluttered and organized your home, it’s time to get some deep cleaning done. The fourth week’s chores should be much easier now that your stuff is out of the way. Do all of the rare, once-a-year cleaning jobs. Here is a brief list of tasks to remember:

  • Dust ceiling fans, lamps, fixtures, picture frames, etc.
  • Clean the blinds, drapes, and windows, including the frames and both sides of the glass.
  • Clean the walls, baseboards, air vents, and corners of each room.
  • Vacuum, polish, and otherwise clean furniture. Flip the mattresses.
  • Clean floors, shampoo carpets, and shake out rugs.
  • Replace light bulbs, smoke detector batteries, and various filters.
  • Clean under and behind kitchen appliances.
  • Clean and organize the fridge, freezer, and pantry.
  • Deep clean the bathrooms.

Again, splitting these chores up along an entire week will make them much more manageable.

Home Maintenance

You can also take this time during spring cleaning to perform some home maintenance. Not only does home maintenance help keep your house looking clean, but it also keeps your appliances running smoothly and more efficiently! For more detailed information, check out Complete Protection’s blog that goes over some easy home maintenance tasks for each area of the house.