guest room tips

The holidays are fast approaching. For many of us, that means guests that need to stay overnight. Make sure you’re prepared for these visitors by turning your spare bedroom into an amazing guest room. Here are some tips and ideas to help you set up a new guest room or improve a preexisting one.

Set Up a New Guest Room

Here are several tips for creating a new guest room out of a space you aren’t currently using.

Attic Space – Depending on your house, you might be able to convert your attic space into a guest room. If it hasn’t already been finished with carpeting and drywall, this could be a time-consuming and/or pricey endeavor. However, once you finish, you’ll have a great space for guests, and your property value will increase!

Basement Space – Similar to the attic, a finished basement area can make a great guest room. Often this area is larger than the attic, offering more design possibilities.

Office Space – Give a larger room more versatility by making it a combined bedroom and office. Not only can your industrious guests use it while they’re visiting, but you can use it yourself when you don’t have visitors!

Guest Room Decor

These tips will help you improve your pre-existing guest room to make it more welcoming and comfortable for your visitors.

Mattress – Don’t use a gross, run-down, old mattress for your guest room. Treat your visitors to a nice new one so they sleep well at your home. The best bet for a guest room is a mattress with medium firmness. This will be comfortable for most guests.

Bed Sheets – Like the mattress, you want to have clean linens that are in good shape rather than using old shabby ones. White sheets are convenient for cleaning, since you can use bleach without causing spots in the dye. Make sure you clean the guest sheets before every visit for maximum freshness. Also keep an extra blanket or two in the guest room in case your visitors get cold.

Rugs – A rug can really pull a room together. A good rug can add warmth, both for keeping your guests’ feet comfortable and for making them feel more welcome. This is especially important if you have a hardwood or tiled floor.

Bookcase Headboard – Having a bookcase built in at the head of the bed adds great utility to a guest room. It adds a lot more storage, provides reading material for a bored visitor, and can allow for a lack of a bedside table.

Blackout Window Covers – Blackout coverings are amazing to have installed on bedroom windows. They block out light from streetlights at night or the sun if someone needs to sleep in late (or take an afternoon nap!)

Fragrances – Be careful when adding fragrances to a guest area. Even if you absolutely love a particular fragrance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your guests love that same smell. A clean-smelling room is better overall than a strongly scented one.

Guest Room Conveniences

These tips will help you make your guest room experience as comfortable and convenient as possible for your visitors.

Bedside Table – Use a bedside table to help your guests feel at home. A lamp and a clock are necessary additions, but the table can also provide more storage area, reading materials, and welcoming decorations. Also consider getting a bedside table tray that lets your guests stash personal effects without fear of them rolling off or getting lost.

Dresser and Closet – Don’t forget to keep a dresser in your guest rooms. Not only does it make your guest feel more at home to be able to put their clothes away, but you can also use the lower drawers for your own storage needs. Make sure there are also empty hangers and closet space available for your guests to hang up clothes they don’t want to get wrinkled.

Chairs – If space allows, add a chair or two to your guest room. Some guests prefer to sit in a comfy chair rather than on the bed to read or get things done. If nothing else, a chair will allow a guest to put their things down on a higher spot than the floor.

Luggage Stand – Having a luggage stand, chest, or other flat surface available for the guest room is very useful. It will allow your guests to place their suitcase on a flat, raised, easier-to-access area.

Pillows – Make sure your guest room has plenty of pillows. Some people prefer to sleep with only one pillow, but others need several to be as comfortable as possible. Also, keep a variety of firmness types so your guests can choose the ones they like the most.

Fans – Everyone is different when it comes to comfortable room temperatures. Install a ceiling fan in your guest bedroom or simply add a standing fan. This will allow guests better control of their own environment and make the room less stuffy when it gets warm.

Laundry Basket – If you have guests staying for an extended period of time, provide a laundry basket or hamper in the guest room for them. No one wants to deal with dirty laundry piling up!

Night Lights – Your guests aren’t as comfortable in your house as you are, and might bump into things when moving around in the dark. Add night lights to the guest room, hallways, and bathrooms so your guests can find their way around more easily.

Television – Add a television to your guest room to make your visitors feel more welcome and entertained. They might not always want to watch what your family is watching, or they might want to watch some late-night TV.

Trashcan – Don’t forget to put an empty trashcan in the guest room.

Electronics – Make sure there are outlets available for your guests to use for charging their electronics. Use a power strip and/or extension cord if necessary. Also make sure they have access to the Wi-Fi password if they need it.

Wall Hooks – Install wall hooks for your guests to hang up jackets, hats, purses, or other belongings.

Snacks – Make a guest feel very welcome by having snacks and bottled water in the room. Nuts, fruit, or granola bars are great ideas to keep your visitors fed without having to make a trip to the kitchen.

Beverage Station – Let your guests make their own coffee or tea just the way they like it in the morning with a beverage station. You can provide a small coffee machine with several options and cups on a rolling station for convenience.

Make a Guest Room Roomier

Here are several ways to make a small guest room seem bigger.

Paint Color – Dark colors on the wall make a room seem smaller. This is especially a problem for guest rooms, since they tend to be smaller than master bedrooms. Paint your guest room with light, neutral colored paint to make it feel more spacious.

Mirrors – Another trick to make a room seem bigger is to strategically install mirrors. Mirrors give the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. Put one or two on the wall, keeping in mind where the light sources are to get the most benefit. Mirrors are also useful for your guests to use when getting ready for the day.

Long Drapes – Floor-length drapes make a room look larger. For even better effect, start the hangings near the ceiling rather than right above the window. Just make sure that the drapes don’t drag on the floor, since that will make them get dirty faster and can cause people to trip.

Bed Size – Bed size makes a huge difference when making a bedroom seem more spacious. When choosing a bed size, make sure people can comfortably move around the room. Also keep in mind that guests may have several pieces of luggage that they want to spread out. Consider having two twin beds instead of one larger bed. This allows non-couples to stay in the room together more comfortably. Save even more space by having one nightstand between them.

Adaptable Beds – There are many options available for beds that save space by being hidden away or transforming into something else. If you want the space to serve multiple purposes, try a daybed with a built-in trundle bed, a sleeper sofa, or a futon. If you are short on space, consider installing a Murphy bed or bunk beds (some bunk beds even have futons on the bottom layer!)

Bed Positioning – It might seem like you get more space by pushing one side of the bed next to the wall. However, it’s usually better to pull the sides of the bed away from the wall so that guests have access to either side of it. Not only does it make it easier to get in and out of bed, but it also makes the room seem less cramped.

Hopefully these tips help you set up a beautiful, spacious, and comfortable guest room that makes your visitors feel welcome. If you want more home maintenance tips, check out Complete Protection’s other blogs here!