The sun is shining and everyone is enjoying more time outside. This is the time of year where you really notice those home upgrades that could be done on the outside of your home. Then you might also notice some upgrades to do inside as you walk back in from the afternoon heat. What are some of the most recommended summer home upgrades, as you get ready for fall and winter? Let’s go over a few of them now.

Fun and Appealing Summer Home Upgrades

House Painting

Summer is the best time to put on a fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home, as it is harder to paint in the winter months. The sun is shining and rainstorms are a rare event. Fresh paint will also help protect the house from the sun. The sun’s UV rays aren’t just harmful for your skin, they can also damage your house!

Roof Repairs

The summer is also a great time to get work done on your roof. The lack of rain and snow helps get the job done, and it’s important to fix those cracks and missing tiles before winter weather arrives.


If you are already doing upgrades on your roof, you might also want to consider adding a skylight to certain rooms. This is a great home upgrade for rooms that do not already offer a lot of natural light, and it will make the room appear more inviting.

Patio Fireplace

Whether you’re sitting outside enjoying a fire pit on a cool evening or hosting a summer barbecue, building a stone fireplace and having a fire area in your backyard will be very inviting for you and your guests alike. This is not a necessary upgrade, but it is one that can be fun and useful throughout most of the year.

Outdoor Kitchen

This is a luxury upgrade that is also fun to have during the summer months. It really adds to those backyard get-togethers. You can go all out on this one, adding a sink, countertops, and even a refrigerator. Some outdoor kitchens even have beer taps and pizza ovens! The possibilities are endless, and it’s up to you to decide what your family would get the most use out of and enjoy. Think of adding a portable heater for use in the cooler winter months. If you have that outdoor fireplace, you already have your warmth ready for the winter.

Fix Cement

Is your driveway or patio full of cracks? Similar to roof repairs, summertime is the best time to repair cement around your house, since it's less likely to get rain, snow, or hail on it before it's set.

Compost Bin

Creating a bin to throw your old yard waste into as well as food scraps is a great way to keep your yard cleaned up and have less trash buildup. Then you can use the compost is provides to fertilize your yard. This is a process that takes several months to set up properly, so you will want to build it in the summer months so you will be able to enjoy the rich compost it creates for your spring plants.

Guest Room Updates

Having all those friends over to party in your new outdoor kitchen and patio? They many need somewhere to sleep. Clear out all that junk in your extra bedroom and move those items to your garage or basement. Add a spare bed and dresser. Install window coverings and stock the closet with extra hangers, towels, and linens. Make it an inviting space for friends and family to come and spend a sun-soaked weekend with you. If you want more tips for making the ultimate guest room, check out Complete Protection’s blog here.

Home Upgrades That Save on Energy Costs

Roof Repair or Replacement

As previously mentioned, this home upgrade is ideal for summer due to fewer rainstorms. Having the right roof on your home can help protect it from the summer heat getting in as well as prevent water damage.

New Thermostat

With the warmer months here, it is likely that your air conditioner and thermostat will be getting a good workout. A new thermostat is a simple summer home upgrade that can save energy and give your house a high-tech look. If you go for the upgrade of a more modern digital thermostat, you can even update the settings and control your thermostat from a mobile device! Many of them will also let you set a pattern for what you want your home temperature to be and when depending on the day of the week.

Ceiling Fans

Along with a new thermostat to cut your use of energy in your home, you might consider adding a ceiling fan to bedrooms or any popular room that does not have one. This is a simple home upgrade that can help reduce your energy bill and create a more comfortable temperature to rooms during the summer months.


This is a home upgrade that works to save your home energy costs year-round. It helps keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Good insulation can reduce your energy costs by as much as 20%!

Weather Stripping

Something as simple as this summer home upgrade of patching up or replacing the weather stripping around your doors and windows will greatly improve on your heating and cooling ability throughout the year. It is an inexpensive update that most homeowners can do as a DIY project.

Windows and Window Coverings

If just replacing the weather stripping is not enough, you may need new windows. If you replace your current windows with energy efficient ones, it will help stop heat from coming into your home in the summer. If your windows are still relatively new, it may work to do the simple upgrade of adding a low-e film to the glass, which will give an efficiency boost to your windows.

Something else you can do if the cost of a full window replacement is just not in your budget is to simply change out your window coverings based on the season. In the summer months, your window coverings should be both light in color and fabric. With light curtains, you are still letting light in while having less of a solar heat gain. You can also consider adding blinds or shades so you can lower them if there are times when you want less light to come in.

Add Awnings

Consider adding awnings to your south- and west-facing windows. This will reduce solar gain by a large margin, as these are the windows that get the most sun exposure on your home. With awnings, you will greatly reduce the amount of sunlight that hits your windows, and that will prevent heat from coming into your home. This could also add some great curb appeal to your home, as well as giving you a nice shady area to sit in and keep cool.

Do any of these summer home upgrades sound tempting for your house? By adding some energy efficiency upgrades, you can save on your energy bills during the warmer months. By adding attractive upgrades, you can increase both the curb appeal and resale value of your home. If you want more tips for taking care of your home for summer, check out this blog that goes over home pool maintenance.